Greeters Get It

Our church has been advocating that we all, as members, take seriously the command to “make disciples” by becoming better disciples ourselves and then helping others start their own journey. In the recent past it has been so exciting to see several begin their journey, but just as exciting has been seeing adult Christians progressing in their Discipleship Path.

On any given Sunday one would be greeted, perhaps in the parking lot, but most certainly at the door and in the foyer of the building as he/she comes to worship. This is not new for any of our family, but understanding the motivation behind the Greeter Ministry might give one food for thought.

GREETING 1Those in the Greeter Ministry have been called to do several things. Those serving in this ministry do more than open doors and hand out bulletins. They are called to be a friendly face, a helpful servant and an obedient disciple.

First, the very term “greeter” indicates a friendly attitude, a smile, a handshake, a hug, a high five or just a “welcome to Clear Creek.”  Everyone wants to be noticed and acknowledged. It is amazing to me how many people God sends through our doors because they are “seeking” Him and hope to find Him here. The simple act of smiling, saying “hello” or “welcome” can make all the difference to a person who is coming because they decided to “give God one more chance.” What a tragedy it would be if there was no one who cared enough to say “Hi, we’re glad you’re here.” We should never underestimate the power of a smile.

But the Greeters job doesn’t stop there. If the “seeker” is obviously searching for something, the volunteer would gladly drop everything else and serve him/her in any way they can as was demonstrated in such a great way a few weeks ago. A woman who was looking for a church home walked in and a greeter immediately knew that she had not seen her before. Susan greeted her, engaged her in conversation, obtained her contact info and then introduced her to others. By the end of the morning, the “seeker” had been invited to several small groups and had new friends to sit with during worship where she connected with God.

Finally, something not everyone knows about the Greeters Ministry is that at 9:00 am each Sunday morning, everyone who will be attending that day is prayed over. The Team Leaders also pray for the Holy Spirit to direct and guide each volunteer that day to be in tune and do His bidding. Because Susan listened to His bidding, a newcomer was welcomed, connected to others, learned more about Jesus and, hopefully, began or moved forward on her Discipleship Path. Now that’s a win! Perhaps you’d like to be a part of a ministry that helps make disciples while helping you go deeper in your discipleship as well?



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