Kids’ Notes


“Mommy, I Didn’t Cry Today”      

The beginning of the trek on the Discipleship Path can come at any age. There are unique challenges at any point of life, however, for three year olds the challenges are a little different than for adults. Dealing with separation anxiety can be the first hurdle to learning about Jesus and initiating that trek.  Recently, one of our three year olds proudly announced to his mom that, “I didn’t cry today in Wee Worship. I got sad and thought about it but remembered the fun that we had last week and didn’t cry.” Caring Wee Worship Leaders help our youngest searchers begin the journey from learning about Jesus to following him.

CLASS TIME 4Bet You Can’t Catch Me

When you’re really excited about something, you can’t hardly wait to get there. One of our four year olds regularly leaves her parents far behind as she races down the back hallway toward her classroom. She can hardly contain her excitement and the smile on her face says it all as she sprints toward the loving, Christ-centered environment of her Bible class. Knowing her teachers, I’m not sure who’s more excited, her or them.

CLASS TIME 7Boy, That Looks Fun

Those of us in the Elementary Wing always know when one of our Kindergartners is about to arrive. His three year old little brother regularly beats the rest of the family to the Elementary area to check out what is going on prior to our Praise and Worship. He knows that the older kids are having a great time and is “all ears” as his older brother describes everything that took place. Heart-felt worship sets the tone. Loving and engaging teachers and small group leaders make sure each child feels important and included.
Lead-in activities that range from wacky games to TV game show style reviews introduce the lesson of the day. No wonder little brothers can’t wait to get in on the fun.



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