Next Steps with Colossians

Over the past seven weeks, our church family was blessed with the opportunity to collectively dive into the book of Colossians. Through teaching on Sundays and Wednesdays, discussions within our small groups, and time spent studying on our own, it is our sincere hope that you came away with one major idea: it’s all about Jesus.

TitleSlideGraphicFor years, authors and theologians have discussed the idea that the journey is more important than the destination. In many ways, this idea is true for us as we reflect on our study of Colossians because it allowed us to focus on what our next step may be on our journey to be a Christ-centered disciple.

Some of us were able to take the step of learning how to better reflect on scripture using the S.O.A.P. portion of Discovery Bible Study. Some of us wanted a group to study with and took the step of committing to be a part of a community. There were some of us who took the step of being intentional to come to worship every Sunday for the past seven weeks and others who were intentional about praying for those who don’t know Jesus.  Still others took the step of sharing God’s word with a friend or co-worker.

Everything about our Colossians study, from the format to the booklet to the content of the messages, was meant to create next steps. It’s often easy to get so focused on the destination that getting there seems completely overwhelming. So for now, let’s continue to focus on our journey—our path–and be intentional on finding what our next step might be.


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