Never Too Young to Start

The beauty of the discipleship path is that anyone of any age can begin at any time. Ideally, the discipleship path starts early in life. Such is the case with one of our 4th graders. Typically our 5th graders take the “up front” lead of songs, prayers, and coordinating younger kids for group activities. However, as soon as the last class of 5th graders moved up to 6th grade leaving a worship leader spot vacated, Luke Lusk jumped at the chance to lead worship.


He not only knew all the songs, he was unafraid to sing in front of a crowd. How many adults hesitate to even stand in front of an audience much less sing with confidence? Of course, the old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” may come in to play. If you know his dad or his grandfather, then his willingness to be a leader is not surprising.

I guess the lesson for all of us is that God gives us talents and it’s up to us to use them or ignore them. I know He is pleased when the gifts He has put in one of His children are used for the purpose He intended. Way to teach us all, Luke!


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